Courtnei is knowledgeable, fun, approachable and has great information. She is definitely someone who can take your business strategies to the next level.
It [marketing strategy and action plan] lays it out for me and makes it manageable. Doesn't feel like so many moving parts that I have to corral now. It's to the point - do this, do that. This is exactly what I was looking for!
Conversions by Courtnei offers a safe place to create ideas, hear ideas and the motivation to implement those ideas. I have been greatly encouraged to update my myself on relevant business and marketing trends to help grow my business. I really appreciate the fresh ideas and innovative views of staying relevant in a competitive environment.
In this short time Courtnei's strategies changed my world! After doing all of my homework, I applied each step to the way I advertise and received orders IMMEDIATELY!!!! Courtnei was informative, hands on, very thorough, and results driven. I highly recommend her services to any and all Business owners. Courtnei's expertise will have your business thriving in no time!
She is so knowledgeable in her field, and delivered EVERYTHING I asked for. She is incredibly thorough yet simplistic when explaining how to use anything that may be new to you. You can tell she enjoys what she does and that is refreshing. I appreciate all of the work that went into updating my website and the knowledge I gained on how to improve my business.
Prior to meeting Courtnei Jones I did not have professional social media platforms. She created and launched three beautiful platforms and captured my brand voice. She patiently guided me through page set ups and provided customized tutorials. My favorite things about Courtnei- competence, patience and her effervescent personality.
Wow! You have covered a lot. I didn’t even know where to begin. I’m glad you took over because all of these things were my concerns and you’ve given me a starting point and something to think about. This is literally everything I was thinking about. And the social media thing was driving me crazy. UPDATE: BTW I got a sale from my ad! You have been a godsend!
When I got serious about my business, I hired Courtnei for my marketing needs. From this one decision, my business has benefited tremendously. Courtnei helped me get extremely clear on my messaging and who I REALLY serve, not just servicing who was coming in my door. I would say my experiences with Conversions by Courtnei has been a mindset shift, and as a therapist, I appreciate that the most. Because of the work with Courtnei, I have been able to identify and launch additional streams of income, I’ve learned to curate and launch my own facebook ads, and I’m reaching more people that I want to reach who want what I serve. The ideal client generator is a game changer! And my VIP day was packed full of all of what I needed for my latest project, which turned a four-figure profit in a week! I’m now able to operate in my zone of genius and effectively share that genius with others all thanks to Courtnei’s services. I have referred my therapist friends to Courtnei, locally and internationally because of her effectiveness, and I will continue to book services with her as needed. Thank you Courtnei and CbyC!

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