Case Study: How This Therapist Went From 0 To 1,490 Engaged Followers With Consistent Incremental Improvements

Like many therapists in private practice, Renee of Renee Johnson LCSW spent most of her time working with clients leaving very little time for building and implementing her marketing strategy.

The mental health niche is unique in that it is in an environment that requires immediately identifiable authenticity. If the potential client or collaborative partner does not find you authentic and does not immediately feel a genuine connection, the opportunity will be lost. To avoid lost opportunities there are two things that must be undeniably clear – who you are speaking to and what you are saying. In marketing this is called your audience and your message.

The Audience: Renee Johnson LCSW offers therapy services primarily to women and specializes in helping reduce stress and increase problem solving and coping skills.

While she excelled at in person events, she lacked a digital presence.

Renee’s goal was to increase her visibility online to promote brand awareness and build credibility.

When we met, the company was listed in 2 therapy-related directories and had a website. However, she knew she needed a digital footprint outside of those 2 directories and her website.

After discussing the company priorities and the allotted budget, I presented the solution that best met her needs: focus on social media.

Social media can be used for many different purposes, like the example goals discussed here. But for the purpose of Renee Johnson LCSW, we created a plan to leverage social media as a means to build authority online.

Prior to working with me 1-on-1, we faced a few immediate challenges.

Problems and Challenges Identified

  • There was no existing social media presence, specifically on Facebook and Instagram – which means we were started from scratch.
  • There was a technology barrier, as marketing and social media was not Renee’s field of expertise – which is why most of my clients love working with me.
  • Engaging on social media felt unnatural and unlike the in person events – but Renee was willing and ready to learn how to maximize social media for her benefit.
  • Knowing what to post or say on social media to build meaningful relationships felt time consuming – which is he case when there is not real content strategy in place.

However, despite these typical challenges, we worked together to build a social media marketing strategy that felt doable for Renee. Here’s how we did it.

Action Steps Taken

  • We identified the brand’s voice to create a consistent marketing message
  • We created social media profiles for Facebook and Instagram to serve the brand’s audience on both platforms
  • We updated hr personal LinkedIn profile to optimize the profile for search engine optimization
  • We formulated a feasible content generation strategy to keep topics fresh and relevant to the audience
  • We engaged with other accounts to increase brand awareness and build trust
  • We leveraged authenticate contributions in online communities

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And the return on investment was surely maximized because Renee was able to achieve the authority and online visibility she initially desired. These were some of her results.

Outcomes and Results Obtained

  • Gained Joint Venture and Media Feature Opportunities
  • Received National New Client Leads
  • Formed Referral Partnerships with Other Therapists and Medical Professionals

Final Words

Renee Johnson LCSW reaped the ultimate benefits of creating a social media marketing strategy and implementing on tha strategy. At the end of our time together, she had a full calendar with no availability for months ahead. By consistently making improvements to her social media channels, she was able to achieve her desired goal of a strong social media presence that represented who she is.

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