7 Secrets to Capture High Quality Pictures for Your Small Business’ Website on a Budget

As a small business owner, you are always looking for ways to maximize your budget. Many times that leads to trying to do everything yourself.

I will be the first to tell you – there is nothing wrong with doing things on your own to get things off the ground.

Seriously, think about it. The key to being successful as a Do It Yourself-er (DIY-er) is that you need to use all of the resources that you have to gain the best possible outcome. And most times, by leveraging the correct tools and having the right rules to follow, your DIY projects can come out just as good as the subject matter expert’s.

When we think of digital marketing, and more specifically online presence, it is important to remember that your potential customer meets you FAR BEFORE you ever get to meet them.

Customers check your social media, your Google listings, your reviews, and most importantly, your website before they decide if you are who or what they are looking for.

How to Help Your Customer Choose Your Small Business

If you have a brick and mortar business location, it is your responsibility to be able to give an experience digitally in order to draw customers into your business.

In order to give an exceptional online experience, there are some things that you must do in order to win your customer.

  • You must have an easy to navigate website.
  • You must make it easy to contact you.
  • You must overcome objections.
  • You must be intriguing and unique.

Of these 4 tasks that you must complete, in this post we will focus on one way to intrigue your potential customer and highlight your uniqueness.

The absolute best way to be intriguing and highlight your uniqueness is to leverage using high quality pictures across your online presence, especially on your website.

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to have great pictures on your website, but what you do need is some professional guidance.

7 Secrets to Capture High Quality Pictures for Your Small Business’ Website

Now, let’s go into more detail about what each of these 7 secrets are.

Use a Wide Angle Lens

Use a Wide Angle Lens to create more realistic, full expensive pictures for your website. The benefits of a wide angle lens is that it gives more depth and captures more of the scene. Most Smartphones either have the wide-angled feature built in or have an easy add on attachment available on sites like Amazon, Ebay, or maybe even in your local online marketplaces. When choosing your wide angle lens, just keep in mind that the wider the angle lens, the more difficult it may be to use it.

Stage the Picture

Stage your pictures to highlight the details that matter most to your potential clients. If you’re a medical or wellness professional, consider highlighting the size of your space since potential customers will likely be looking for the best intimate setting with privacy. Also, keep in mind that while there may be little embellishments like a box of tissue in your space, but it is okay to remove or replace embellishments as such if they do not have value to the picture or evoke positive emotion. 

Use Natural Lighting

Consider taking your small business’ website pictures when natural light is most available. When learning to use natural lighting, you’ll want to consider the time of the day, the position of the sun and where shadows may cast, the direction in which you point your camera, and the outside weather. For example, when I take website pictures, I can consistently prepare for the perfect natural lighting between 12pm noon and 2pm on a sunny day. 

Angle Perpendicular

If you can’t seem to get the perfect shot, check to be sure your camera and your target are angled in the best position. Using a perpendicular angle will often give you the best shot, especially when staging the pictures. Don’t make the mistake of taking “from above” pictures because often they come out the worst. Lower your entire body and get on the same level as the object or area in focus to create a high quality picture.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds will be your best friend when taking high quality pictures for your small business’ website. Visually break your image down into one-third sections, both horizontally and vertically so that you have nine parts. Most smartphones also have a grid feature built in. If your smartphone has that feature, use that. Once you have visually broken your focus object into thirds, where there are 4 lines that cross is where you want to align the most important aspect of your picture. 

Use Leading Lines

Think of a path in the forest or a trail in a park. Why do they capture your attention? Because of the natural leading lines that they offer. To capture high quality photos for your small business’ website, use leading lines when possible to naturally carry your potential customer on a journey to the main purpose of the picture. 

Use Indirect Light (if necessary)

Indirect light, if necessary can take your small business’ website pictures from “eh” to “wow!” in just a few steps. Indirect light is direct light spread out through a type of filter system. To create your own indirect light, take a direct light source like a lightbulb, and create a box around it with a light covering over the top in order to diffuse the directness of the light.


These 7 secrets to capture high quality pictures for your small business’ website on a budget are some of the first topics that photographers learn in school. By leveraging these 7 tips as a small business owner you will be well on your way to capture your next potential customer’s attention by presenting how your business is intriguing and unique through your online presence.

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